About us - Meet the Bees

Beehive is a dedicated expert from the hospitality sector with wide experience from numerous markets and a long track record of successful sales.

We bring experience from all over the world, from the Far East - through Middle East & Europe - all the way to the Americas but our strength lies in the North European market.

Why Beehive? Well, us being the best on the market is one thing. But us being a small company driven by passion for the craft, where everyone contributes - is the "hive" reason.

We want to succeed just as much for our partners as for ourselves.

Frank Ingers

CEO & Founder

"Sales and Commercial leadership is NOT a function or a role - it's a mind set. Just as success is not a result - it's a culture."

Frank has worked with Sales and Commercial development since early 2000's and brings experience from three continents, all ranges of brands and a long history of leadership and management